Monday, June 30, 2008

Tales from the Potty

Way back in November when Joren was insisting on going on the Potty 15 times a day, I refused to potty train... he was just too young (not even two yet). Now that he's almost 2 1/2 I still wasn't quite sure. But the kid was getting ridiculous about his diapers. He would NOT lay down for a diaper change. He insisted on standing and not only that, he insisted on putting it on himself. If a kid is old enough to change his own diaper, he is old enough to be potty trained. But yet, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through that yet. Then one morning he woke up with a dry diaper. I thought... today's the day. So, I put him on the potty and there it all began. It's been almost two weeks and he's doing great. He's had a few accidents here an there, but that's to be expected. I may have two months of no diapers!!! (Let's just hope he doesn't have one of those reverting back with the new baby in the house thing).

The Belly Book

My kids love Dr. Seuss books. We came across this book at the library last week and I just relate to it so well, that I had to post a few of the lines from the book. A belly is great for a number of things.
You can use it to help take bags home from the store.
When your hands are full, your belly can close the door.

A belly's a good place for resting your cup.
It also works well for a chat with your pup.

But bellies aren't great when you can't read your weight
Or get close enough to hug your mate.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

They may be Famous!

Brenner and Joren went to gym camp yesterday. They take gymnastics at My Gym. Yesterday the gym was videotaped to be on Good Things Utah on July 14th on Channel 4. Keep your eyes peeled to see if they are on there!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Popsicle Stand

A couple of days ago, the neighbor kids across the street were selling kool-aid. Brenner was so excited! He thought that was the coolest thing ever. So, I promised him I would let him sell popsicles the next day. We were peacefully playing in the house enjoying Joren's nap, when George knocked on our door asking if we were going to sell our popsicles yet. So, we set up our popsicle stand. Brenner made his own sign. It was very fun and exciting. He made $1.25 (I hope it didn't cost me more than that to buy the popsicles). I'm sure we'll have a summer full of stands. On the good note, he's finally making friends with the neighbor kids. He's been too shy to talk to them so far. This is bringing him out of his shell.

Ryan's New Toy

Ryan got a new toy this week. Ya know, with the price of gas being so high, it's a good investment! The boys love Daddy's new ride! Brenner thinks it's the Blue Ranger motorcycle. Joren is ridiculously impossible to get off the motorcycle. He'll go on rides with daddy forever. He carries his helmet around the house and can't wait for Daddy to get home to go for a ride. Good times! I finally got a short ride yesterday. I think I'll save the rest of my rides for when I'm not pregnant.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Power of TV

Brenner loves watching commercials. He thinks that I need everything I see from plastic storage bags to household cleaners. He has been obsessed with this Pancake Puffs pan. He keeps saying that he wants it. I don't want to pay however much for the pan plus shipping and handling. Anyway, I was at Walgreens last night and they had the pan. I didn't have to pay shipping and handling. We made our pancake puffs for breakfast this morning! I have never seen a kid get so excited over food and cooking! They were pretty tasty and fun. Next time we're going to try blueberry muffins.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I love my new Camera... I just need to learn how to use it!

I'm going through our pictures from Disney World trying to decide what to scrapbook. I took 483 pictures. How am I supposed to narrow this down to a scrapbookable amount? I'm blaming my new camera. Ryan got a digital LSR (supposedly for work), but really for me. It is amazing! Not only does it take awesome pictures, but it takes them instantly and you can take several at a time. That is why I have so many pictures. Anyway, just thought I would post this awesome pic I took with this camera.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I wanna be like Mom & Dad

Joren is a funny little boy. He learns by watching what his mommy, daddy and big brother, Brenner do. He's very particular about what he does or wears depending on what we are doing. If he sees me doing my hair, then he must do his hair. If I am wearing flip flops, he must wear flip flops. He's also funny about insisting that we are like him. If he has his shoes off, he will take Ryan's shoes and socks off. Whenever Ryan mows the lawn, Joren mows the lawn. In order for me to get him dressed in the morning, I have to be dressed and I have to tell him that daddy is dressed at work. He will insist on wearing a belt if Ryan is wearing a belt. He usually likes to wear shoes with socks in stead of sandals because that's what Ryan is wearing. Yesterday, we put him in a polo shirt so that he could get his pictures taken. Ryan had to go upstairs and change into a polo shirt so that Joren would wear his.
Let's just hope that we can be good examples to him since he follows what we do so much. If you ever hear Joren call ducks, "freakin' ducks" you know why!

Why we like living in Daybreak

There are a lot of fun parks... everywhere. And they are all different. And none of them have swings (I like to sit on a bench while the kids play. I don't like to push them in a swing)

The splash pool. The kids will play in here forever. I get to sit on my lawn chair and read a magazine in the shade. It's very nice.

Boating. It's just an awesome thought to think that we are blocks away from a lake. We can take the kids fishing, they can feed the killer ducks, they can throw rocks in the water. And you can check out a row boat or canoe and go boating.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary Ryan & Anisa

Ryan and I have been married for 12 years!!! Can you believe that? 12 years ago we got married in the St. George temple. Ryan had a lot more hair back then and I was a lot skinnier. I thought I would include a picture of a scrapbook page so you could see my super creative scrapbooking style back then! And yes, I wore a long sleeved, high necked wedding dress in St. George in June! It was the style I had always wanted. We celebrated our anniversary by waking up at 5:00 this morning to a puking Joren! It's a good thing Lucas & Shellie were nice enough to watch the kids overnight on Friday so we could go out to dinner and to Park City for the night!

It's been a great 12 years! Ryan is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I couldn't have asked for anyone who would treat me better than he does! Happy Anniversary, Ryan. I love you!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reality Tag

I'm considering myself tagged from Jessica. I've been a blogger slacker lately and I need to catch up on stuff. These pictures were all taken around 5:00 p.m. when I was supposed to be cooking dinner for my dinner group.

1. The Fridge... always full of tons of milk for my milk guzzlers. And tons of ice cream for me.

2. Closet... I was too lazy to walk upstairs and this is only closet on the main level. These shoe hangers on the door are the only way to go when it comes to organizing!

3. The sink.... Pretty clean considering I was supposed to be cooking dinner. Of course we always have some sort of craft project going on.

4. Toilet.... always has Brenner's pee on it. I'm just realizing this bathroom needs something... paint or something. It's so boring!

5. Favorite Shoes... some sort of flip flop. These are currently being used as a door stop.

6. Favorite Room.... my family room. I spend the most time there (actually I spend the most time in the kitchen, but I look at the family room the most) so it is the room I have decorated the most. I need to paint something in there too!

7. What my kids are doing.... Playing in the back yard with a baby sitter while I'm supposed to be cooking dinner.

8. The laundry room.... the clothes are usually washed, but I don't get them back upstairs all that often.

9. Self-portrait... I think I'm 27 weeks or something like that. And I need to learn how to use my new camera.

10. Dream vacation.... I can't decide right now. My mood changes daily.

Crazy Hair

I've been having fun lately doing Joren's hair (as you've seen from some of my posts). It just grows like a weed and it looks cute with his face shape. I don't do much with Brenner's because his face shape looks better with short hair... and his hair does not grow! Well, this morning Brenner took matters into his own hands. He wanted to do his own hair. He said it's supposed to look like a monster!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I've been tagged by Christina. I'm not very good at these things, so hopefully I do it justice.
3 Joys:

1. My boys... Ryan, Brenner, Joren and baby Terek on the way. Ryan is amazing. He works his tail off all day and still manages to come home and help me in my sinking ship. He is so sweet to me and loves playing with his little devils. Brenner is my creative little boy. He is into pretend play right now and has quite the imagination. Joren is my little energizer bunny. He is always doing something that makes us laugh (naughty or not). We are all getting pretty excited for baby Terek. Brenner keeps asking if he's at the hospital yet.

2. Scrapbooking. My chance to relax and do something fun.

3. Projects. I keep getting things at yard sales that I have to paint or do something with. It's actually fun if I can find some time to get them done.

3 Fears:

1. Losing a member of my family.

2. That I will never have a daughter (okay, this one has come true. I'm still trying to get over it.)

3. Never having any time to myself... Brenner is out of preschool and Joren doesn't always take naps. What am I going to do???

3 Goals:

1. Make it through this summer alive.

2. Finish all of my projects (this will never happen becuase I keep getting more projects)

3. Lose all the baby weight after I have this baby.

3 Obsession/Collections:

1. Picking Zits. I have to do it. It give me anxiety to look at a zit and not pick it. Can you imagine the anxiety I have from the blackheads in Brenner's ears?

2. Collections... it changes daily. My mom taught us to collect things. I used to collect teddy bears. I used to collect turtles. Right now I'm starting a lantern collection for my office, but I'll probably get sick of that and move on to something else.

3. Scrapbooking... not really an obsession, but I do need to do it at least once a week to keep myself sane.

3 Random Surprising Facts:

1. I could really care less about watching TV or movies. I do like to fall asleep with the TV on because it helps take my mind off stuff so I can sleep. But I don't really care if I see a certain show or care if the TV is on at all. Since Friends, I haven't found a show that I really love, I guess. Oh, and I don't watch American Idol:)

2. I don't listen to the radio or music. It's just added noise that I don't need. I don't own CD's and I couldn't tell you the name of an artist or song if I heard it on the radio.

3. I don't like to read. Okay, if I find a good book, I will read it, but it's rarely. I join book clubs because it makes me read. I only look at pictures in magazines and I hate, hate reading an owner's manual or instructions or a legal document or anything like that.

(These probably don't surprise anyone)
So, if you finished reading this whole thing, consider yourself tagged!