Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sitting Up

Look at my little boy sitting up!!!  He can only do it for a few seconds, but he's getting there.  He's growing up so fast.  What an adorable little guy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Terek at 5 months

Terek turned 5 months old today. I can't believe how quickly he is growing up. He is such a grabby little guy. He loves to reach out and grab anything in front of him. He loves to play with his toys. And he especially loves to put them in his mouth and gag on them. He is really liking his rice cereal lately. He is a little roly poly and will roll over onto his tummy almost any time he is put on the ground. He hasn't figured out how to roll back yet, so he just gets mad. He is a little wiggly worm. Whenever you hold him on your lap he will rock back and forth. I think he thinks if he gets going fast enough he can go run around with his crazy older brothers. He is such an easy baby to make laugh. And he is smiley all the time.

I know I have seen a picture of Ryan somewhere that looks just like this!!!
Terek is sick with RSV, so he's not feeling too well right now. Hopefully he gets better soon!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

So, today I turned 34.  I thought I'd post 34 things about me.

1.  I have a great husband that I've been married to for almost 13 years that I love tons
2.  I have 3 crazy little boys that are full of life and keep me going.  I love them so much even though they drive me crazy.
3.  I love to scrapbook
4.  I love crafts... especially home decorating crafts
5.  I love to decorate my home
6.  I love to sew if it's to decorate me home
7.  I love to shop
8.  I recently took up the craft of cake decorating
9.  I like to cook (if I have time and I'm not distracted)
10.  I like to read (or look at) magazines
11.  I love to eat
12.  I like to exercise (mostly because I love to eat)
13.  I like to take my kids on fun outings
14.  I don't like to be cooped up in my home all day
15.  I like to go on walks.
16.  I like to ride my bike
17.  I like to talk
18.  I like to hang out with friends
19.  I like blogging
20.  I like camping and barbecuing
21.  I like to play hostess (have gatherings at my home)
22.  I don't like to clean my house.
23.  I don't like to do dishes
24.  I don't like to do laundry
25.  I don't like to clean up toys
26.  Sometimes I don't like my kids (gasp)
27.  I hate hair balls (like when you sweep and there is hair on the broom.  Or when you clean and hair gets on the sponge or rag)
28.  I don't like to dress up.  I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal
29.  I don't like to wear jewelry (except a ring)
30.  I don't like to watch movies
31.  I barely like to watch TV
32.  I don't like to read (for the most part)
33.  I don't like the cold/snow.
34.  I like people to comment on my blog, so leave me a comment if you can think of anything I forgot.

That was one HOT cake.
I don't know if you can tell, but my idea behind this cake was that I want it to look like a scrapbook page.  It has a strip of patterned paper down the side, with a border of ribbon next to it.  Then it has some swirlies and flowers.  And a cute journalling box with "Happy 34 Anisa" in it.  I bought myself a Cricut Expression for my birthday and I've been having fun cutting out letters and accents for scrapbooking and vinyl to decorate my walls.  I plan on doing a lot more fun crafting and scrapbooking products with it.  Thanks for all of the gifts from everyone... especially my gift cards because now I get to go shopping!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I must look (or be) crazy!

So I started planning a playgroup for my new ward.  Our activity today was to go downtown to the Church History Museum.  We thought it would be fun to take Flint's train (Trax).  It was kind of fun because we could lounge out.  Joren could be a monkey and Brenner could lay down because he was so sleepy.

The church history museum was fun.  The boys love taking care of the babies.  They also love the scavenger hunts that the museum has that you can go on.

Okay, so here's the real part of my story.  I was hungry.  There is a JB's on the corner.  So I hauled the kids in there to eat lunch.  When it was time to go, my waitress told me that someone had paid for my lunch.  That was really sweet of some random stranger to do that for me.  But all I can think of is that I must look like some crazy lady dragging these three really wild boys around with me everywhere.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Funny

We had a fun surprise visit from Logan and Sydney this weekend.  Joren was using his golf clubs to sword fight with Logan.  There is something about this that is just hilarious because Terek was laughing so hard.  Unfortunately I didn't pull the camera out until he was tired of laughing, but if you listen you can still hear him a little.

Also take note of my stubborn 3 year old who insists on getting himself dressed with his shirt (or Brenner's jammie shirt) on backwards with mismatched pants.  He refused to put clothes on.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Joren's Birthday

Just thought I would post a few pictures of Joren's birthday.  (I know I'm a little late)
He had fun opening up some more toys.... boy does he have tons of toys.

We went to Hollywood Connection for a little mini golf and some fun rides.

Then we went to the Mayan for Dinner.

Joren wouldn't blow out his candles because he was afraid of the fire.

On Monday, Joren had a friend party. We at cupcakes and opened presents at our house, then went to Jumpin Jacks.  What a fun birthday!!!

Crazy Nut

I honestly don't know what to do with this kid sometimes.  He is such a free spirit.  The kid is obsessed with snow.  He must climb on all of the mountains of it that are in parking lots and on the side of the street.  He also loves to pick it up and throw it at people or my car... especially the really dirty, icy ones.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


My big boy Brenner went into CTRs today. I think that makes me feel old because back in my day, CTRs were a lot older... he would have been a star. Needless to say, I can't believe I have kids in primary, but to have a CTR seems so old.

On the other hand, sweet Joren missed the deadline by 3 days, so he is still in nursery. This is good in a way, because the kid can't sit still. However, I think he'll be really bored with it by the time he's almost 4 and he's in nursery with 18 month-olds. I walked by a few times today and saw him playing with a Dora castle, listening to a book read by his teacher, and playing with princess dishes. Nursery is so great for Joren because he can play with all of the girl toys that he loves!!!

Happy Birthday Joren!!!

Yesterday Joren turned the big 3!!! We went to Hollywood connection and went mini-golfing and went on the rides. We went to the Mayan for dinner and had cake and ice cream at home for dessert. Joren has always been such a happy little boy! He loves to go anywhere and do anything.
He loves all girl things and can often be found wearing princess dress ups and playing with ponies at his girl friends' homes. He also loves reading books.
Joren usually has a dirty face and dirty hands. He loves mac-n-cheese so his face is usually orange. It's a good thing he has the cutest face. I love his cute cheeks and his beautiful brown eyes and long eyelashes.
Joren definitely has a mind of his own. He loves his big brother Brenner as long as he gets his own way. They can often be found wrestling on the floor. He really, really loves his baby brother Terek. He is a little too rough with him, but Terek loves him too.
Happy Big 3 Joren!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to one and all!!! Lucas, Shellie and Legacy came over to ring in the new year with us! These two little troopers crashed pretty early.

We stayed up and played Wii!!! Good fun.
My new year's resolutions:
  • tag all of my digital photos
  • lose 25-30 lbs.
  • attempt to run at least a 5K with Shellie (so she thinks)
  • put myself on a budget- Ha, Ha, Ryan just laughed!