Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jubilee of Trees

It may not seem like it from my blog... or lack of blogging, but November has been crazy busy. Most of our extra time has been spent helping Ryan's mom get ready for the Jubilee of Trees.

You can check out my craft blog for a few pics of the actual Jubilee.

Last week was SEP (Parent/Teacher conference). The kids got out early every day.... So one of the early out days, I took the boys and their friends to the Jubilee.
Am I crazy or what?
Can I just say, I'm glad it's over.... Ryan finally helped Rose finish with the clean-up around 5 tonight. Wow!!! Now we may have some time to get ready for our own Christmas!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tagg... may he rest in peace

Brenner got Tagg for his 5th birthday. He has been the best little pet and Brenner's best friend.

Hamsters are only supposed to live for 2-3 years. Tagg is 2.5 years. Sweet Tagg passed away today.
Brenner took it pretty hard. We had to go outside in the dark to bury him. May he rest in peace.


Halloween was a super busy day!!! In the morning, I took the two youngest boys to my school to go trick or treating. The office had a "spook alley" in the hallway. Then we went around to all of the classrooms to get treats.

In the afternoon, the two oldest had their school parade. It was such a nice warm day.

That evening was the ward trunk or treat.
Ryan and I got a lot of compliments on our costumes:)
Skull Lord Ninja
We won the "most creative trunk" I think it was because of our cool "puking pumpkin"
After the trunk or treating, we headed over to Santa Clara and did a little traditional trick or treating. It was a lot of fun and we have tons of candy to show for it... if the kids will share.

Pumpkin carving

Brenner couldn't wait to carve pumpkins. We carved them over a week before thanksgiving at Grandma Rose's house.As always, pumpkin carving is fun.

I especially love that Ryan and I end up doing most of the carving.

Kids' Halloween Party

The Friday before Halloween was early out day. The kids had been begging for a Halloween party, so I decided I'd let them have one. A couple of my friends joined me in planning the party.
We played pin the eye on the monster...
We had coloring pages...
We had a mummy relay. The kids got into teams and had to wrap their partner up like a mummy. We had a few other games... Halloween bingo, an m&m relay, etc. The kids had more fun running around and chasing each other... it was a little crazy and hard to get them to settle down to play the games.

We decorated pumpkins... It was kind of fun to be creative. We gave the kids pipe cleaners, zippers, nuts and bolts, push pins, etc. They went a little crazy but it was fun for them.... fun for everyone but Terek who stepped on a push pin with his bare feet.

All of the kids got to invite 3 friends (Brenner a few more). It was interesting to have the big kids there with the little kids. Treyson was a "killer clown" and one of Terek's friends was scared of him.
I had fun making Halloween treats.... eyeballs...
... vampire fingers... I also made witch's brew with a floating hand...
14 little kids was a little overwhelming, but still tons of fun. Thanks to the moms who helped out... I survived!