Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Everyone else's spring break:)

Our spring break was really early... the 2nd week in March... but after our spring break, the rest of our family started having theirs.  That means lots of cousins in town!!!
 Shane's kids were here from California.  So, we got them addicted to perler beads.
and since they were out on the table, Joren and his friends worked on them too.
Here are some of their final products!

 We also had Shellie, Legacy and West in town for their spring break.  West was so fun to play with.

 Grandpa was so good to take the kids on 4-wheeler rides over and over again!
The kids got to go on a few easter egg hunts.  Ivins city had one, the Scholes family had one... and the Easter bunny barely had the chance to come... the boys were so busy.

 I had to make some deviled eggs that I had seen on Pinterest!
 Here's the boys on Easter afternoon in their Sunday clothes.
 And we snuck in a family picture at Shane's wedding!

Spring Break 2013

If you ask my kids, we had the worst spring break... we didn't go anywhere fun!  Well, we can't afford to go to California for every holiday, so we have to find some closer, less expensive fun!

First up was Valley of Fire State Park.  We planned this trip with some friends and neighbors.  It started out as a camping trip, but it rained on our plans.  We decided to make it a day trip... and even though we drove through snow to get there, we still went.  It ended up being the perfect weather.
The kids loved all of the rocks to climb on an explore around...
 We had to climb up all of these stairs, but at the top were some awesome petroglyphs.

 elephant rock.
 There were a lot of crevices in the rocks that the kids liked to explore.  (good thing it was too early in the year for creepy crawlies).
This "cave" had a built in slide inside.
 (or a "birthing" canal... as the men called it).  Really, who's the bigger kid?
During the middle of the week we did a lot of park days...
... and night games...
 At the end of the week, we decided to head to Moab.  It was still a little chilly there, but we still had a great time!

 On the way there, we stopped for a potty break.  The kids had a blast playing in what little snow there was... my kids are way deprived.
We love the Moab skate park.  The kids always find fun things to do.  They took their scooters, and roller blades, but they always find other ways to keep themselves entertained.

The kids' favorite thing to do to sled down the sand hill.   Brenner would trudge all the way up the hill. Super, messy fun.
We went on a few fun little hikes.   I don't remember what this one was called.
 We went on a little dinosaur bones hike.  There was also an old mine there.

 Sunday morning before we headed out, we hiked up to faux falls.  It was really pretty.  We also did a bit of geocaching on this trip.

Good times with good family.  We need to get back up there right after school gets out!