Friday, March 28, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

The 3rd Time IS the Charm!

So, we finally went in for Brenner's surgery this morning- an excision of a dermoid cyst above the right eye. We were skeptical that it would happen since it hasn't happened twice before. He was so brave to let them take his temperature, blood pressure, oxygen, etc. They give him a medication called Versed that is a sedative. It makes him totally relaxed and 'loopy' as Ryan says, so that he isn't too scared to leave his mom and dad and go back to surgery.
It took him a while to wake up after anesthesia and the pain meds they gave him, but when he woke up he was such a good boy. He drank his juice so he could go home. He was such a big boy and so brave through everything. We are so proud of him! The doctor said his cyst was the size of an acorn... it was huge. He even took pictures to show us because it was so huge. Hopefully Brenner recovers well. He's doing great so far!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pretend Play

Brenner is really getting into pretend play more and more every day. Brenner and Dylan were having so much fun saving people. They would put out the fires that the Power Rangers started and help anyone who got hurt. Joren's baby makes the perfect victim.
We also have this fun park a couple blocks away. It has a little pretend kitchen and every time we go there, Brenner will make me food. It always makes me really hungry and makes me want to go home, but it's fun to see him pretending. Joren is picking up on it too and learning how to play a little better.

Hair Cuts

I finally took my kids to get a real hair cut. They have this great place called Cookie Cutters where they can ride in a car or airplane and watch a movie or play a game while they get their hair cut. They were both so good to sit really still. I got both of their hair cut so that it's spikey on top. Joren looks really cute with his hair spikey, but I have had to not spike Brenner's. His head is a little too long, so it looks kind of funny. Brenner likes to have his hair lay down and have the front spike up. He looks sooo cute. They both look really cute with their hair cut. Now we'll see if I'll actually do it every day.

Who teaches them this stuff?

This morning Brenner says to me, "Mom, guess what Joren can do? He can sing his ABC's." Who knew. Joren can sing his ABC's. He sang them for me (along with Brenner). It was so darling. He did pretty good too. Then, when I was putting him down for his nap, he picked his farm Baby Einstein movie and started to sing Old McDonald had a farm to me, then sang the ABC song again. Sure, we sing these songs on occasion, but not that often. He must learn them in nursery or something.

My kids surprise me with things every day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


If you ask Joren what his name is, he will either say "Batman" or "Spiderman." The kid really is spiderman. He has sticky little fingers and sticky little hands. And he is fearless. This kid will climb up anything and everything and he doesn't get scared at all.

So Big, So Brave

Brenner has been to the dentist before, but the past times he has gone, he would barely even let the dentist look in his mouth. This time, he let them try to do the x-rays several times, but gagged too much every time. He let them clean his teeth, he let the dentist check his teeth and he let them do the fluoride. What a brave, big boy I have!!!

(I have 2 cameras. My big nice huge one that is too big to take anywhere and my small one that fits in my purse. I usually take all my pictures on my small one. I lost the memory card reader in the move, but now I have found it. So, I will do a few old posts of things to catch you all up.)

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Oh the dilemma. Our basement has a very narrow curve going down the stairs and around the corner. We bought a very comfy couch to go in our basement. Nate and Ryan tried to get it downstairs (sorry I don't have pics of this). It wouldn't go around the corner. So we had to have Lucas come and help Ryan get it back upstairs (after trying just one more time.) This couch was about 8 1/2 feet long and over 3 1/2 feet wide. Luckily RC Willey let us return it. But now we can't find the perfect small couch.

It reminded me of my favorite show... FRIENDS.

I love this episode. If you want to watch the whole thing, I have all 10 seasons on DVD.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Smartie Brenner

I like to call him Smartie Pants, but when I do, he says, "I'm not Smartie Pants, I'm Smartie Brenner."

So, Mr. Smartie Brenner surprises me all the time. He was really wanting to do a craft tonight. So, I let him color some of his stencils. He brought it in the office to show to Ryan and said, "Look, Dad, I made this for you. See, it says Dad on it." That smart little boy wrote out "Dad" all by himself. He just amazes me all the time!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


It's time to say goodbye to an old friend. It makes me a little sad to see this house go. I have been thinking lately of all the good times we had at this house. We brought both of our newborn babies home to this house. Lucas & Shellie lived with us at this house. We had lots of fun with members of our ward and neighborhood and made many good and lifelong friends at this house. We had a lot of fun with the progression of this house. We started with the bedroom, bathroom and laundry room unfinished. We had our office and a guest bedroom upstairs... which later became two little boys rooms. We changed all of the hardware, faucets and several light fixtures. We put in wood floors (I say "we" to all of these things, but it was really Ryan.) We did a lot to make this house really nice for us and we loved it there. We are sad to see it go to someone else.
We are looking forward to many fun years in our new home. That's what really matters is that we are together as a family and that we love each other very much!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


We finally got a Wii! We have been looking for one for a couple of months now. We've had several friends and family members tell us how fun it is. It is so cute to see these two boys box each other (and not actually hit each other for once). Enjoy!