Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome the newest addition to our family...

Peep, Scott and Super Robin...
Aren't they cute?

We have 8 weeks to get a chicken coop built!!!

Hiking and Geocaching

We have been really into hiking lately... we've just been enjoying being outside and loving spring. So, we decided to hike to some petroglyphs just outside of Ivins.
The kids have also been into Geocaching with Ryan. Geocaching is kind of a treasure hunt.... it uses GPS coordinates to locate a "treasure" that someone has planted. There were a couple of geocaches along the trail, so we went searching for those along the hike.

This one was in an ammo can hidden down in some rocks.
They find a treasure inside and then they leave something for someone else. (it's kind of a way of trading McDonald's toys;)

The kids always love climbing around in the rocks and this was the perfect hike for that.
This crazy kid just makes me laugh:)
There were a lot of petroglyphs all along the cliffs.
It was really a fun, easy hike! And we had a nice cloudy day too!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Leprechauns;

For St. Patrick's Day, my boys made treasure chests... a few years ago. They hide their treasure chests outside by the light of the moon the night before St Patrick's day. The leprechauns find them during the night and hide them... but they leave a trail of green clovers so the boys can find their treasures. (if you look really close, you will see a green clover on the ground)
They found their treasure boxes in grandma's room filled with candy... and they each got a new book too!
We had green waffles with green syrup for breakfast!

And, of course, I have to have a picture of them in their st. patty's day shirts!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Vegas baby!

For part of our spring break we decided to take a little trip to Vegas! We haven't been there in years... and the kids have never been.
Our first stop was Circus Circus. We spent all afternoon at the adventuredome! The kids loved the rides, the 4D movies and Brenner even went on his first "real" roller coaster... he went on all the big rides! After the adventuredome we headed over to the MGM to eat dinner at the Rainforest cafe... I love their chimichachas! That night we went to see some of the "shows" on the Strip. We saw the pirate show at Treasure Island (ummm.... a little more risque than I remembered) and we saw some of the other shows from the car. We stayed at Circus Circus that night.

The next day went to see some of the sights of Vegas.
Brenner is really into Egyptian stuff right now, so we took him over to see the Luxor hotel.... and get his picture taken in front of the Sphinx.
Logan and Sydney were stopping through town on their way back from Disneyland for Logan to take a test from work. So, we picked Sydney up and dragged her around with us.

We went to the M&M store and got some funky colored M&M's.
And the kids were loving all the weirdos that dress up like characters to get tips!
A trip to Vegas wouldn't be complete without some Dice suckers!!!
We had a good time and amazingly enough the kids were pretty well-behaved!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A visit from Sam...

Sam was in town this weekend for a golf tournament. The boys were excited to see her again- especially Terek!
We had fun playing at the park, doing a little shopping and going to Pirate Island. It was good to see Sam again... we have missed her:)
Can't wait to scrapbook these pages with Sam's super fun, colorful shorts!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hiking the Red Mountain

The boys have been wanting to hike the Red Mountain ever since we moved to St. George. We've been putting it off because, well... we thought it would be kind of hard.
On Saturday, Logan and Sydney invited us to go along with them, so we took off up the mountain. We didn't quite realize that it would be straight up the face of the mountain. At first, the boys were troopers.
But about half way up, it starts getting a little crazy. We were literally passing our children up cliffs. Ryan and I were thinking we were kinda stupid. So, about 3/4 up, we decided we needed to take the kids back down... especially Terek who we were having to carry up. Neither one of us could take Terek down by ourselves... because you have to have two people to pass a child down a cliff. So, we decided to head down. Brenner refused to go with us, so we let him go to the top with Logan and Sydney. Joren didn't want to go back down, but he wanted to stay with Mommy, so he got to go back down. (the arrow shows where we turned around and headed back down).
It was a bit scary going down, but we made it. Brenner was a trooper and made it all the way up. Thanks Logan and Sydney for taking him.
Red Mountain, we'll see the top of you when Terek's 7!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy 70th birthday Grandpa Tom

Ryan's dad turned 70 on March 1st! Big milestone.
For his birthday, all of his kids met up north for a party. While the "guys" were watching the BYU basketball game, some of us went bowling.
Then we met at the church for games....
stacking 3 full coke cans on 3 empty ones...
hoola hoop races...
balloon races...
On Saturday night, we met Lucas and Shellie at their hotel. Ryan and Lucas took the kids swimming. I was too busy finally getting to hold this little baby, that I didn't take any pictures (and I'm really mad at myself for that because I would have liked to have some new pictures of him!)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brenner's Basketball

Brenner has been enjoying trying out sports! He played football in the fall and he played basketball this winter.
It's fun to watch these little first graders get out there and play basketball! Brenner tried really hard and really enjoyed playing!
Now we're on to soccer starting next week!