Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The WHOLE Scholes Circus

For those interested in viewing all the pics of the Scholes Circus...

Scholes Circus

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scholes Circus

This past weekend we had a Scholes Family Reunion. We thought it would be fun to do a little Circus theme! Ryan's immediate family is 40 people!!! Crazy. We were missing a few, but what a fun group!
We had a little photo booth where people could dress up and get their pics taken. (When my kids saw my picture, they thought it was Logan... apparently with a goatee, I look like Logan)
We had a LOT of face painting... that was the kids' favorite part.
Our reunion was at a house in Panguitch. So, we got to make the short drive to Bryce Canyon. It was a pretty cool place and we hadn't been there since Brenner was a baby.
We went on a hike that was over 3 miles. Brenner, Joren and I all wore our flip flops!!!
One of the funnest parts was jumping from the bunk beds to the bean bag... our kids are so crazy!
We had tons of fun. It was nice, cool weather and Terek is already asking when we can go to Panguitch again!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My knee hurts

We take our kids hiking a lot and really try to get out and do things. Terek is quite a little trooper (most of the time). The funny part is that any time he gets tired and wants to be held, he says, "My knee hurts." He even tries to stand on it and acts like it is collapsing under him. What a little faker!

Mommy and Daddy

Terek and Macey are so cute! They call each other Mommy and Daddy. At the park the other day, they were walking holding hands. They crack me up!(PS... I posted a WHOLE BUNCH of posts, so keep on scrolling down:)

I'm really loving this kid right now....

It's been fun having Brenner out of school for the summer. He is a really sweet kid. He is very helpful... when I ask him for help, he is always willing and doesn't complain. He can make a batch of brownies all by himself. A lot of times when we can't find him, he will be in his room reading.

(His only downfall is his temper.... he likes to beat up on his brothers:)

Red Cliffs

This past weekend we went hiking in Red Cliffs with Brett's family (one of Ryan's brothers).
The kids always have fun with their cousins. (Brenner and Cali)
Terek was having fun throwing rocks in the water to splash grandma.
A stop along the way. (Melanie and Cali)
The little kids had fun jumping into the pool from the side (Joren, Cali, Brenner)
The big kids jumped from the cliffs (Melanie, Ashley, Alexx)

It's been fun having a lot of family in town this summer.

Swimming Lessons

Brenner and Joren took swimming lessons at Sand Hollow Aquatic Center as soon as school was over.They both passed their classes.
The last day they got to go down the slide.
Brenner can go down without a life jacket now...yeah!!


This spring Brenner and Joren have been playing T-ball. They both got to be on the same team.
They had a fun time and it was a fun introduction to the game.
This is what Joren spent the majority of his time doing when he was in the outfield.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend always marks the beginning of summer. Normally, we head off to go camping with Lucas and Shellie. And as tradition goes, we get rained on. So, last year, Lucas and Shellie said they would never go camping with us on Memorial Weekend again... they think we are bad luck. It turns out that may be true.

So, we decided to stay home. We had lots of family coming into town so we had plenty to do to keep us busy. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spent with Ry's family. Mark and Kerri and their kids (Max and Zack) were down. We hiked around on the red hill a bit. Went to a splash park. Played a little baseball. And hung out on the slip-n-slide in Tom and Rose's back yard.
Sam was down this weekend for a golf tournament. So, on Saturday, we headed over to Sam's hotel to got swimming. She's the big sister that the boys never had. They played in the pool with her forever and didn't want to leave. We sure miss Sam.

On Monday we headed up to Kanarraville for a BBQ with the cousins. Before the BBQ we decided to hike up Spring Creek.
It was a nice hike... it was a little chilly so we didn't want to get in the water. Libby seemed to think we'd only have to cross over the water once, but about 20 times later, we figured it was just par for the course.
Back left to right: Cash & Kali. Middle left to right: Summer, Brenner, Trace, Joren, Terek, Jessie and Ryan. Front left to right: Libby, Anisa, Tanner and Ashley.

After the BBQ, we went to the Kanarra cemetery to put flowers on Granny and Papa's grave.
Cute cousins.
I couldn't pass up a chance to do the good old Kanarra tradition of "honking the trucks." Joren and Terek thought it was the coolest thing:)
Ahhh... good times with good family:) Bring on Summer.