Friday, February 22, 2013

President's Weekend Fun

It's hard to want to go anywhere for President's Day Weekend when it's so nice here at home.  We had family in town and our kids love playing with their cousins. So, on Saturday, we took off to Snow Canyon to play in the sand dunes.  We had a picnic at the parking lot, then the kids went and played while we chatted and soaked in the sun.
I just love this picture of Terek!  It was so funny to see him come up over the hill all decked out in his light sabers.
The kids love digging holes (we only let them dig little holes because someone in Rose's ward died at the sand dunes a few months ago getting buried in the sand)
After the sand dunes, we went to Sand Hollow swimming pool.  We figured we'd rather have the sand in their pool, than our house:)
Brenner and Joren had a blast jumping off the diving board.
On Monday we went out to Gunlock to the Camel back (or toilet bowl) hike.  I went hiking with Brenner and Chad and Melissa and their kids, while Ryan stayed at the parking area with everyone else to eat and ride 4-wheelers.
Here's Brenner down in the toilet bowl.
We got a little sunburned, but it was sooo nice to be outside!

Tuff Kids Bike Race

A few weekends ago, my friend Haley talked us into putting our kids in a bike race.  Our kids like to ride their bikes and they like to do things with their friends, so they had a lot of fun!
Here is Brenner, Joren, Treyson and Cru excited to start the race.
Joren at the starting line.
 He took his time and just rode mostly at normal speed... he was just in it for the ride!
Brenner at the starting line.

 Brenner peddled his heart out!  It was interesting because obviously people had done this before... there were kids on HUGE bikes because they could go faster.  But, the kids had fun.
They loved that they got prizes and metals for finishing!

Friday, February 1, 2013


I figure I'm doing good if I blog once a month.  We started out our month at Instacare on New Year's day with this...
Terek's toe got infected (probably from biting his toenails... gross!)
For Joren's birthday, we went to Pizza Factory with the Scholes' family.  Even though his party was coming up, I still had to make him a cake!
We had an Angry Birds party for Joren's birthday.  For details, visit Larcie Bird.

The beginning of January was super cold.  When it warmed up, we enjoyed as much time outside as we could!
Anyone that knows and loves Terek has been doing a little bit of this lately... the kid is obsessed with Star Wars right now.

That was about it for January.  We are looking forward to more warm weather and fun in February!