Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Terek gets to go to two preschools this year!  The first preschool is at Red Mountain Elementary School. 

 He was a little nervous to go since it's a new place for him.
Tanner took him to school an had to stay with him for a few minutes.  But Terek loves it now!!!

My baby turned 4!!!

This past 4 years has been a whirlwind for our family!  I can't believe how fast time has flown by.  
 My sweet baby boy, Terek in the hospital.
 Terek had his birthday party on the Saturday before his birthday.  For details of his birthday party, you can visit my craft blog.  He was so excited to have 2 birthdays!!!
And here's the pix I took of Terek for his 4 year old pix.... he's a silly boy.

Happy Birthday Terek!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1st Day of School

Brenner: 3rd Grade
Teacher: Mrs. Hancey
School: Red Mountain Elementary

Joren: 1st Grade
Teacher: Mrs. Evans
School: Red Mountain Elementary

Anisa: At-Risk Teacher
School: Dixie Middle School

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back to our old stomping grounds:)

Last weekend we had a family reunion in Provo.  I thought it would be fun to head up a few days early and spend some time with our friends.

The first night we got there, we headed to Daybreak to see Sam (sorry no pix)...  The boys played with Sam at a few of their favorite parks in Daybreak.

The next morning we met the Headricks at Classic Fun Center... it's one of our favorite places to go in the summer.  We picked up Sam on the way and took her with us... man I've missed that girl:)
 I'm so glad Rachel has moved back from Denver even though I don't live up north any more... at least I can visit more often.
 We headed straight from Classic to Hogle zoo to spend the afternoon with the Stringhams and the Brittons.  The new polar bear exhibit was the best part of the zoo... you could sit in an air conditioned building and watch the polar bear swim back and forth and do a summersault off the glass... he was cool;)  The kids had fun seeing their friends, but I think I enjoyed seeing mine more... so much more that I never remember to take pix of me with my girlfriends:(
 We always stay at Chad and Melissa's house... they are so nice to let us stay there.  Brenner and Cierrah used their toys to build their own zoo... rather creative:)
 The reunion was at lunch time... (no pix) and after the reunion, Ryan took the boys swimming and the girls headed back to Melissa's to get ready for a baby shower for Sara...  You can see more details of the shower on my craft blog, Larcie Bird.
 The next day we spent the whole day at Lagoon!!!  Our nephew Alexx works there so he got us in for only $11 each!!!  We went with Kelli, Cali, Kiersten and Alexx for the first half of the day... they left us and we were on our own.  We went on almost every ride and went to Lagoona Beach.  There were a few rides that Joren and Terek couldn't go on.... more Terek couldn't go on, but we still had tons of fun!!!
It was a super fun mini vacation and now we're back to reality... school starts in just over a week...eek!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pioneer Day

Here's rundown of our Pioneer Day Activities:
We began the day with the Ivins parade.  The boys and I rode on the primary float.
 After the parade, we attended the booths and activities at the park.  The big boys had a blas in the water bubbles while Terek rode on the boat.

After the Ivins activities, we had plans to go to Pine Valley and have a BBQ.  Well, when we got there we realized that we couldn't have a fire or briqueets because of the fire hazards.  So, we debated on what to do and ended up heading back down to Veyo.
The Veyo pool and crawdad canyon is awesome!  There are fun bridges to cross and a rope swing that swings into the river.  There is also a deep swimming hole in the river.  And you can catch crawdads... with bacon apparently:)

We thought it would be fun to swim in the clean pool as well as the dirty river, so we took the kid to the actual pool to swim.
Then we headed back home to Grandma Rose's and Grandpa Tom's house to do fireworks (since Ivins won't let you do fireworks).  The kids had a blast setting off their own... despite the fact that Lin's raised their prices on their fireworks the day before so I couldn't afford the pack that I had been wanting to buy:(