Monday, April 28, 2008


Grandma Blake bought Joren a baby for Christmas. His name is Brock (because that is Joren's middle name.) We bought him some very cute baby boy clothes at Build-a-bear and he has become Joren's best bud. Joren has always loved babies and dolls and other such girly things. Lately his love for Brock has grown even more. We have to get Brock undressed and put him in the tub with Joren. He will clean him with a wash cloth and wash his hair. Then Brock has to have a towel to get dried off and changed into his jammies for bed. He sleeps with Joren and he is the first thing Joren asks for in the morning. He takes him for 4-wheeler rides. The other night he was telling Brock how to play the Wii..."you push this button." He is insisting that Brock goes on all of the rides at Disney World with him. He's a fun little guy to have around and great preparation for the new little brother to come into our home. Joren will make a great big brother and a great dad some day!!!

Tulip Festival

This past Friday we went to Thanksgiving Point to the Tulip Fesival. It was really nice weather and nice to get out of the house. The tulip festival was a little disappointing this year because of the cold weather. A lot of the tulips hadn't bloomed, but even the ones that had weren't as big and nice as they usually are.... however, it was still worth it.

My little boys just crack me up! At the children's garden they have a little stage. They got up there and told us stories. Very animated stories at that!!! Brenner took a bow at the end of the story. Super cute!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross!

There are some things that I can not do when I am NOT pregnant. Those things are things that I should definitely NOT do when I AM pregnant.

We are going on vacation (to Florida) next week. We will be flying and we will need to take our car seats and strollers with us. So, I thought that (since it's a nice afternoon) I would take them apart and clean them. I can just imagine us handing them to the person at the baggage counter and having all of the gross stuff fall out.

So, I took them out of them out of the van. There is tons of gross stuff underneath on the seats. Then, I took the fabric off, tons of loose stuff fell out onto the garage floor. Then I took them outside to hose them off. This might not seem so bad until you look closely at Joren's car seat. Why would someone make a car seat for a TODDLER with nice little cubby holes to catch all of the food, toys, water bottle lids, etc. This is the stuff that wouldn't fall out by tipping it upside down. I didn't want all of this gross stuff on my grass, so I tried to dig it out with a screwdriver. This started a 20 minute pattern of digging out, gagging, trying to catch my breath, digging out, gagging, etc. Brenner said, "Are you sick mom?" I said, "No." "Well, I think you're sick because you're about to puke. If you need to puke, go in the house and puke in the sink. I don't want you puking on our grass." I tried to explain to him the difference between puking and gagging.

Do you see the left pocket with black stuff in it? MOLD!!! Okay, it was really gross. I finally just sprayed it out and now all of that gross stuff is on our grass.
So, I'm thinking, that maybe we should have just put these in our yard sale pile and bought a new car seat! I'm sure it will be nice when it's done and maybe we need a new rule of NO eating in the car!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What in the heck is this????????


Brenner has been so badly wanting to make his baby brother a Build-a-Cheetah. So, we finally let him. He was so cute about picking everything out, kissing the heart, and cleaning his Cheetah. He typed everything in the computer for the birth certificate and named him TAG (with a little suggestion from his mom since his dad won't let mom name the baby Tag.)

Mini Golf

We took the kids golfing for family night. Brenner has been asking to go forever. Even Joren will ask us to go. He says he wants to go with Daddy and Brenner and Mommy. So, even though it was a bit cold, we went mini golfing.

Brenner was awesome!!! He's getting better at holding the club correctly and hitting it correctly. This makes his Dad very happy because he's really worried that he's not going to get his Tiger Woods.
Joren was hillarious! He would walk up to the hole, put the ball 3 inches from the hole, and knock it in!!! Ryan would try to help him and he would have nothing to do with that!
It was good family night fun!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scarred for Life

We were on our way home from Lowe's today and we drove past Oquirrh Lake. We saw some ducks and a goose right by the side of the road. Brenner could see them out his window, but Joren couldn't. I felt bad, so I suggested we go home and get some bread to feed to the ducks.

This is usually a favorite thing for us to do at Wheeler Farm and Thanksgiving Point.

So, we got back to the lake and got out of the van. As soon as the ducks saw us, they came toward us. I started getting a little nervous and got the bread out of the bag quickly and started throwing it away from us as far as I could. Brenner was super nervous and hung way back behind. Joren was excited and said, "Come here duck." .... until the goose came up to him and bit him on the leg! I had to hit the goose with the bag of bread to keep him from attacking Joren. Needless to say, we threw out all of our bread and got in the car to go home.

Next time, I think we'll make sure we have a weapon with us.

(I found my card reader. The big goose in the middle is the one that bit Joren. Now I can also do a little blog catching up.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I know this is child porn, but it is too cute. (Maybe I should secure my blog a little more). When these two boys get out of the tub, it is rediculously difficult to get them to put clothes on. One night before we got blinds, they were dancing and jumping off the night stand in the babies room... right in front of the window. Sometimes they participate in naked wrestling. And sometimes they just watch TV or play on the computer.


I guess they have to amuse themselves somehow. I don't know why I thought this was so cute... it just was. My little boys got blankets and curled up and said, "night, night" and pretended to go to sleep in their boxes.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My little helper

He really is a good little boy to help me. He vacuumed the floor all by himself. Sometimes when he's in the mood, he'll clean up without being asked. The other morning he made his bed, Joren's bed and my bed.

Now I need to teach him how to clean the toilets!

Oh Joren....

I love to dip my PB&J in milk. I know this is gross to some. But, it is the only way I will eat one. I really just like soggy stuff. I also eat my cake in a bowl with milk poured over the top. And I love to eat a bowl of broken graham or saltine crackers with milk.
I have passed this lovely tradition on to my boys. Brenner is so good to just dip a little of the sandwich in and take a bite. And lean over his plate so he doesn't make a mess.
NOT JOREN! Joren dips the whole entire sandwich in milk and eats it while the milk runs down his arms, belly, etc. It makes quite a mess! (Actually anything Joren does is bound to make a mess... the kid is just messy)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

2 Weeks Later

So, Brenner's plastic surgeon put in dissolvable stitches with some glue over the stitches. After 1 week we were supposed to put neosporin on the stitches because the glue should have fallen off. After 2 weeks, the glue was still on. We happened to be at Brenner's pediatrician for Joren and he couldn't believe that the glue was still on. So, he gave us some adhesive remover. I had Brenner lay on my lap for about a half hour while I peeled the glue off his stitches. And... voila! He looks great. All you can see is a little red line. I still think his eye looks a little swolen and puffy, so hopefully that goes away!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Girly Craft

So, I don't get to decorate a baby girl's room. I had totally picked out this darling pink and green bird ensemble from Pottery Barn. In my head I had decorated the room with some specific accessories. So, I have decided to decorate my guest bedroom with the girly pink and green bird theme. I had already purchased bedding, so I will just get to use the birds as accents. This is what I have done so far... I'll do pictures of the whole room when I get it finished.

Then, when I get this out of my system, I can work on a totally cute little baby boy's room!