Friday, November 30, 2007

Why I haven't had time to blog

The things Daddy's teach their little Boys!!!

Trust me, I would never teach him how to do this.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

He doesn't like to wear pants

Brenner has never liked to wear pants. When he was younger, you would always see him running around the house in diapers. Now that he doesn't wear diapers any more, I try to keep pants on him more. The other day he was dressed up like a power ranger. He had to take his costume off to go potty. He didn't want to take his shoes off and it was so cute when he came out of the bathroom with his shirt tucked into his underwear and shoes and socks on. I missed the perfect picture, but this one is pretty good!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We were driving down the street today and Joren kept saying, "grandpa, grandpa." I kept saying, "You'll see grandpa tomorrow." But he kept on insisting. Finally I saw the diesel truck up ahead and realized what he was talking about. He loves grandpa.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Panda Store

Whenever I ask Brenner what he wants to eat, he will say one of a few things. Peanut Butter sandwich, mini corndogs, macaroni and cheese and the Panda Store (Panda Express). He loves fried rice. So, we went to the library this morning. We didn't have much time before Brenner had to go to preschool. I didn't want to take them home and throw together a sandwich and make my house a mess, so he chose the Panda Store. They both love it and the mess is left for someone else to clean up. However, I think they are starting to recognize us too much there, so we might have to try different Panda stores. The lady came to our table and offered us spoons. Maybe she thought Joren would make less of a mess with a spoon. I think he made more of a mess by eating off bites of his styrofoam cup and spitting them out on the floor.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Refusing to Potty Train

I'm not putting another pic of Joren on the potty, yet again, but this kid is driving me crazy... except, he actually goes poo and pee in the potty sometimes now. He went yesterday morning, this morning and tonight before he got in the tub. I actually think I could potty train this kid if I could get up the energy to want to go through that again so soon.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brenner is going to have surgery

As you can see from this photo (and most all of Brenner's photos), he has a Dermoid Cyst above his right eyebrow. He's had this since he was a baby and it keeps growing and it will keep growing. Years ago we asked Brenner's pediatrician about having it removed and he said to wait because baby skin scars more than older skin. So, now that Brenner is 3 1/2 and it is driving me crazy every time I see it in his pictures, we are getting it removed. We met with a plastic surgeon at Primary Children's Hospital yesterday. He said that the size of the bump on the outside is the same size as on the inside. So, he will have to fill in the bone as well. Surgery is scheduled for Dec. 28th. It will be a quick surgery... about an hour. Brenner is kind of understanding the idea, but I think it will freak him out a little when we actually get there. I hope he will be a big boy!

Keep your pants on Please!!!

About 5 times a day, Joren will start trying to take his pants off to go pee pee. He just starts shoving his pants and diaper down with shoes on or not. Sometimes it's when Brenner needs to go potty and sometimes it's not. It's really annoying because I have to help him take his diaper off. Then we go in the bathroom and he sits on the little potty. Then he climbs up on the big potty. He can't get off the big potty without putting one of his feet in the middle of the bowl, but he does not want any help. He has not yet gone potty. Oh boy!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hypothetical ?

So, here's a question for you all. If I were to have another baby, would it survive Joren???

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Okay, so he is really cute too!

Joren can open child proof locks on cabinets. Isn't that great. So, tonight he got into my cabinet in the bathroom and got into a basket of old hair things that I don't use any more. He kept putting the headbands on and saying, "Bobot." I'm not sure where he got the idea that he was a robot, but it was really cute!!!

The naughtiest boy I ever saw

This kid is driving me crazy. He must be feeling better from his croup because he is crazy today!!! He has been hitting Legacy. He has been throwing popcorn. He put the whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet, played in the toilet (at least his hands were wet), and flushed the t.p. down the toilet. We got it before it overflowed, but my goodness. He's been running around like crazy and this kid is just a naughty little boy!!!

The whole neighborhood

It seems like our house is the life of the neighborhood. I dont' know if it's because my kids are so spoiled and have tons of toys or if it's because I'm the only mom that will let all of the kids come over. Anyway, I was raking the leaves, but the neighbor kids thought they would make a bigger mess of things.

It's the same!

When the paint was wet on the wall, we told Joren not to touch it. Later that evening he was going up the stairs and accidently touched the wall. He said, "Oh no. I touch." Ryan told him it was okay, so he went around the whole room touching all the walls and saying. "It's the same." Sometimes he can be really cute.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Gadget Man

Ryan has two computer monitors hooked up to his computer at work. He doesn't think that is enough... he would like 3.

Now that we have this enormous TV in our family room, Ryan has the computer hooked up to it. Do you think a 50" computer monitor is big enough for him?

New Furniture

Okay, so here are pics of the new furniture. We really love it, but now we need to do some decorating. I want new stuff on the wall and stuff to accessorize the entertainment center. It will be a work in progress. Any suggestions on what to do with the HUGE wall space about the sectional???

Our Little Helper

Joren is such a great helper. While we were eating dinner, he felt the need to empty out the lazy susan and bring every single dish over to the dinner table.


Last night I told Ryan that I had the following projects I wanted done today....

*Put the Christmas lights on the house (who knows when it will snow and it probably wouldn't get done if we didn't do it early). Of course, we have to find more clips, fix the burned out ones and put the lights on the bushes and railings, but I can do the rest some other day.

*Help move Cami's piano to her new house. (Sorry, no pic)

*Rake up the leaves and do fall clean up in the back yard. (Thanks Joren)

*Paint the wall in the family room green. Okay, this should have been done 6 years ago when we painted the rest of the room, but this wall was kind of weird and hard. I finally decided it was just time to do it. Luckily we still had the paint and the exact amount!

*And he even had time to clean out and vacuum his truck (wow, you can actually see the seat!)

And you may not believe this, but it was all done by 4:00 in the afternoon!!! Oh, and I actually did some of this stuff. Mostly I do like to just supervise and boss Ryan around, but I did the painting and most of the raking and tried to keep the kids from braking all of the Christmas lights.

Friday, November 9, 2007

3-2-1 Blastoff

The space ship has taken off. I am soooo torn. Brenner loves to remove every cushion and pillow from the couch, love seat, chairs, etc. in the family room and make a "space ship." Now, I know this is really fun for him, but I am really tired of cleaning up pillows all the time or having no where to sit because I refuse to pick up the pillows again. I told Ryan I wanted a leather sectional with pillows that won't come off. So, we sold the sofa and love seat on This was our last day with the pillows, so I had Brenner and Joren play for one last time. Although Brenner cried and didn't want the green couches to go, he really loves the new couch and has completely forgotten about his "space ship."

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Or at least that's what my grandma always said. I live and swear by this airborne stuff (although I buy the cheap albertson's brand). If I feel anything coming on... I take it. It seems to work. Ryan took some when he felt like he was getting sick and he didn't get sick. I am taking it at least twice a day with all the crazy germs at my house. If I get sick.... well, I'll get mad and delete this post.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Adventures of Barking Dog & Puke Boy

Barking Dog woke up from his nap with a fever and a little of a cough. His mommy gave him some Tylenol and got on with her day.

At dinner time, Puke Boy said he was tired and wanted to go to sleep. He went right to sleep, but was up a couple of hours later with a high fever and puking.

Barking Dog sounded a little raspy, so Mommy had him sleep with her.

Puking Boy was also sleeping with Mommy (and his bowl)

Every time that Puking Boy would puke, he would wake up barking dog.

At the 1:00 am puking, Barking Dog woke up crying. He couldn't catch his breath and looked like he was going to pass out. So, Mommy took him to the emergency room. After steroids, a couple of breathing treatments, a chest x-ray and 4 1/2 hours, we got to go home. A bad case of the croup.

After getting 2 1/2 hours of sleep, an exhausted Mommy is playing computer with Puking Boy and Barking Dog.

Barking Dog is still barking.

Puking boy isn't puking.

Everyone still seems to have somewhat of a fever.

The best news of all.... puking boy puked in his bowl every time. No extra laundry to do!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Can we Please get rid of Daylight Savings Time???

Why is it that every 6 months we have to get totally thrown off our schedule with this whole time change thing? I absolutely can't stand it. We tried to keep the kids up late on Saturday night so they wouldn't wake up at 5:30 Sunday morning. It didn't work so well. We kept them up late and they still woke up at 5:45. So, last night, they fell asleep at 7:30 or something like that. And woke up this morning at 6:00. And today, they are sick, so they both have been dozing off and on this evening between throwing up and coughing. And now, they claim they are all better and are bouncing off the walls at 9:47 p.m.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

3 1/2 Year Olds....

... are obsessive and stubborn. That power rangers costume is going to get worn out really soon. He couldn't wait to get home from church to put it on.
... love pretend play. I have to get a new couch with cushions that don't come off because I'm tired of the "space ship" that is always in the middle of my family room floor.
... are soooo smart. I can not believe how fast this kid is learning. He knows all of his alphabet letters and the sounds that they make. He is also learning how to write some of the letters. He loves preschool and always says he has fun. We're working on reading some small words, but the concept is still a little hard for him.
... are super shy, yet don't want to be alone. He can't handle if any attention is drawn to him, but he loves to play. The second Joren goes down for his nap, he starts listing off friends that he wants to play with.
... are so brave. He can climb up anything and doesn't get a bit scared. We went to Classic Fun Center and he climbed up the biggest slide. And loved it.
... have to get their own way, but know their limits. Brenner knows what he wants, but he understands the consequences if he whines or crys to get what he wants (most of the time).
... are good helpers. He loves to help me cook. He will run and fetch things for me that I need. And of course, he loves to help me discipline Joren.
... are always kicking and hitting their little brothers. I don't think that is ever going to stop.
... are always saying the funniest things. He got a "special dark" chocolate for Halloween. He ate it and said, "I didn't like that candy. It was gross. I was wiggin." But he ate it any way.
... are totally boys. He burps all the time. Makes mud pies. And loves to fight.
... are honest. He's not afraid to tell you that he hates something or that something is gross.

Brenner is getting sooo big. He is a really good boy and is more and more fun every day.

Almost 2 Years Olds.....

... don't like to sleep in.
... throw food, and toys, and dirt.
... write on walls, floors, etc.
... hit people (big brothers, daddy's, even baby Legacy)
... scream.
... only want to eat candy (and by the way, he won't just put a piece of candy in his mouth and leave it there. He has to take it out and play with it. I am constantly cleaning candy smears off my walls and furniture.)
... are very independent.
... won't sit still during church.
... are so cute as they are learning how to talk (he does know how to stop screaming and say "please" to get what he wants. he just doesn't do it.)
... are full of energy.
... like to kiss you better (I can't get him to kiss me, but if I say I have an owie, he'll kiss me better.)

Joren is hitting the terrible twos a little early. This kid is a whirlwind. He is constantly going and really just drives us crazy. On the other hand, he is absolutely so cute and it's sometimes really hard to be mad at him. Even though he's a little stubborn, when he gets out of time out, he'll always say, "torry."

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Is Halloween Over?

Grandma Blake gave Brenner an old Power Rangers movie last time we were down there. Dylan and Brenner love that movie and are constantly watching it. They love to pretend to be Power Rangers... Brenner is the blue one and Dylan is the red one. They do the actions and say, "Power Rangers Likes Me Rescue." (It's supposed to be Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue). Anyway, so Rachel went to Target the day after Halloween and Found the Red costume (they didn't have the blue one). So we went looking for the blue one. We found it at Party America but lucky for us, they don't put them on clearance. Anyway, Brenner and Dylan wore them all day (even to the Bee movie) and Brenner even slept in his. It is now in the wash and we are hoping to get a lot of wear out of this really cheap fabric. I love how much he enjoys pretend play.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

I have no comment. You may leave one. Okay, I have a comment. When I brought the costume home for Ryan, he said to me, "You expect me to wear that?" I said, "I thought you would think this costume was funny." He said, "It would be funny on someone else, but not me." He's a pretty good sport.