Sunday, December 7, 2008

The 7th Day of Christmas

Tonight's activity was a visit to Temple Square to see the Lights.It was perfect weather and we dressed the kids extra warm after our trip to the zoo.
The only downfall was the extreme amount of people that were there because of the first presidency devotional at the conference center.
Good times with good family.


rubberbandgirl said...

You're keeping busy this winter!

Amy said...

We went to temple square Saturday night and it was so super busy, but lots of fun despite the cold. You guys look like you had a fun time!

Ron and Debbie said...

Terek looked like he was nice and snuggly warm at the Zoo. But I remember how cold it was a few years ago when we went with you. Thank you for the cute pics.

Jessie said...

I want to go see Temple Square around Christmas, maybe next year. The wagon looks comfy and warm.