Saturday, December 20, 2008

The 20th Day of Christmas

Tonight we headed out to Tuacahn to see the live Nativity and the lights. The kids loved the fountains that run down the front of Tuacahn. They had a cute train that took you on a short ride around Tuacahn.
We kind of missed the Live Nativity because we got distracted by Santa Clause.
The boys get a little less shy of Santa every time they see him. They even sat on his lap this time.
Joren asked for Legos.
Brenner asked for a DS.


Liberty Williams said...

Anisa, glad to see you still sit on santas lap - me too! You're never to old! By the way, I'm sure Jessie was glad someone took advantage of her working at Tuachan.

Jessie said...

Of course I was, I haven't really helped anyone other than Logan and Sydney. I'm glad to see you enjoyed it!!