Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let the soccer season begin!

Brenner and Joren started soccer a few weeks ago.
Brenner has been playing since he was 3. He gets out there and really tries. He loved being goalie and did a great job at that.
Joren wouldn't play soccer when he was 3, so we waited a few years to try again. He loves it and he's super aggressive. He has made over 14 goals in just 3 games.
Terek wants to be just like his big brothers. He insists on wearing soccer clothes. So I had to find some of their old shoes and jerseys. He can't wait until he can play next year!
And, of course, I had to make cute soccer cupcakes for their treats!

If you ever want to come, they are at the UNITY Park in Ivins on Wednesday evenings!


Cami said...

Fun in the SUNSHINE! (I'm borrowing the library's computer)

I wonder what this fall's soccer season will bring for us. Dane will want to and the other kids will say they want to, but...

Lucashell said...

Legz first soccer game is this Saturday.. Lucas suppose to be out of town but when he realized its her first game he said he would probably stay..

The Britton Clan said...

Hey those cupcakes turned out way cute! Wish we had the warm weather like ya'll.

Berty Bell said...

Gosh, I'm so behind on reading everyone's blogs!!!! CUTE!!!!!!!! Cute boys, cute soccer players, cute cupcakes!!!!!!