Monday, April 18, 2011

Kite Festival

We got our first sunburns of the summer at the Kite Festival on Saturday. The elementary school kids read from Jan. 1st to Apr. 15th to get a free kite at the kite festival. They are also entered for drawings. They had all sorts of food booths, vendor booths, kids carnival games and bouncy houses.
Brenner had fun trying to fly a kite in absolutely no wind!
It was a good thing we put sunscreen on or we would have been more sunburned than we were!


Miss Jessie said...

I have never been to the kite festival and I have always wanted to go. It looks like it was a lot of fun. I got my first sunburn this weekend as well.

Jessica said...

I love how you do family's just like me: festivals, hiking, countdowns. I just get jealous that you live in a place with so much to do!

The York's said...

Fun! We tried the kite festival one year, it was fun but also had no wind, so there wasn't much kite flying.

Berty Bell said...

I used to go to the kite festival when I worked at SunRiver. I always thought it was fun for, I was bored. Those sidewalk drawings look amazing - that's so cool Kayenta did that.