Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chicken Update...

Our 3 cute little yellow chicks quickly turned into 8 chicks! Grandpa Blake figured that if we were going to go to all the work to build a chicken coop and take care of chickens we should have a few more!

So, the three original yellow chickens are...
& Super Robin

The new chickens are....

Chacha (brown)
Brownie (brown)
Penguin (black)
Skunk (black with stripe)
Ducky (yellow)

They are growing up so fast.... it's weird to watch them grow. They are losing their cute baby fluff and growing feathers. I like to think the older ones are "tweens" now:)
If you run out of eggs, you know where to find some:)


Anisa said...

Chicken update- update...

Little Ducky died today. We aren't sure why.... so sad.

Berty Bell said...

That is sad. I will want some eggs - and will pay $1.00 a dozen? What is the going rates? :)