Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day

Sometimes I try to be a creative mom... I'm not good at jokes and pranks, but I like to trick the kids with their food.
For dinner we had "dessert." We had a pie... it was meatloaf with pink mashed potatoes on top.
Then for dessert, we had "candy sushi." I made these for Joren to take to preschool as well.
Grandma Blake took the boys to the party store and they bought all sorts of pranks. I got a golf ball through my windshield. We had worms, spider, eyeballs, etc. in our drinks. We got squirted when we sat on the toilet... good fun!

Happy April Fool's Day!!!


Lucashell said...

Oh Fun.. Meatloaf so Gross.. but Lucas says I have never liked Meatloaf. The Sushi candy looks good..

Cami said...

and Dane got his head bitten off for telling me there was a spider on the counter.
Now whose the fun mom?

Berty Bell said...

Oh - what a fun mommy you are! I'll have to steal this idea next April Fools since we all know how much everyone loved my April Fools this year... ;)

Miss Jessie said...

That meatloaf looks...interesting ;) That is such a fun idea.