Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had a super busy, fun weekend. It was nice to have a 4 day weekend to play.

On Friday, we picked up Tanner and took him to the arts festival. He played in a "garbage can band" with his middle school band.
The boys got their faces painted, made crafts and enjoyed looking at the art.
Saturday morning we went to the Ivins Easter egg hunt. It was super busy, but the boys had fun with their friends.
Saturday evening we got to spend some time with Lucas and Shellie. Baby West is growing up so fast. Joren couldn't get enough of him... me neither.
Sydney got the great idea to dye Easter eggs like our Swiss ancestors. My dad took us out to dig up the weeds and we stunk up the house boiling roots. It was a pretty cool idea and made dying eggs a little more interesting. (For more details, click this link to Larcie Bird.)
Saturday evening the sneaky Easter bunny made an early visit while the kids were playing at the park.
They had more eggs than could possibly fill their baskets.
The Easter bunny made a maze of colorful yarn throughout the back yard. Each kid had a colored yarn that they had to follow to find their present... Brenner had a lot of fun with that!
I bought some cool old suitcases at a yard sale a few weeks ago, so I had to take some fun pics of West.
The boys wore their Easter ties to church... that their mommy made for them. (You can find the post here on Larcie Bird.)
After church, we headed over to Tisha's apartment complex for Presley's 1st birthday party. What an adorable little girl!
Monday, we went to the Santa Clara river by the Tonaquint park with Olivia and Carson who are here visiting from California. The kids played in the water/sand for about 4 hours and had a blast!!!
Next time we will come a little more prepared with a beach umbrella, water and lots of snacks!
Busy weekends and fun weekends are the best.... now, back to work, laundry, cleaning house, yard work, cooking... you know the drill.


Thayne and Jenny said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun!!! :)

The York's said...

Looks like you guys had a great EASTER weekend! you always have such fun ideas!

Berty Bell said...

I am tired just reading all that you did, did you sleep any??? ;) SOunds like a ton of fun though.

Cami said...

Look at all those cute little kids!
West is HUGE! WOW!
Your shirts looked great!

Lucashell said...

It was way fun. I am still craving the fried bread from the arts festival it was so good.

That was legz first easter egg hunt she had so much fun. Yes I am such a lame mom about those kinds of things.

West is huge.. Espeically when other people are holding him.