Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today is a sad day for our family. Today Sam goes back to school:( If you don't know Sam, she is our next door neighbor and baby sitter. She is an only child and loves my kids. She loves to do boy stuff. She loves Legos and she loves crafts. My boys love Sam and play with her all the time. She goes everywhere with us. We take her to Classic Fun Center. We take her shopping. We take her to parks. We take her swimming. We pretty much take her everywhere we go all summer. The boys love playing guitar hero in her basement and building Legos. They love making crafts out of popsicle sticks and making snow cones. Seriously, we just LOVE SAM!!!

So, she starts school and the boys don't get to play with her until she gets home from school. And Mommy doesn't get a break from the boys until she gets home from school. And I have to take Brenner to school. I can't have Sam take him. Thank goodness Grandma is living with us and can entertain the kids!


Brooke said...

What an awesome girl. You lucky bum. I'm not as good as it may seem. I only do a few crafts, so I have to post about it or I'm afraid I might forget that I actually spent time doing them.

Liberty Williams said...

She really is a sweet girl!

Laura Alvord said...

I was picking up my mother-in-law who now lives by you the other day and I could have sworn that I saw a girl with what looked like your boys...and I guess it was. Too bad for you.