Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Leprechauns;

For St. Patrick's Day, my boys made treasure chests... a few years ago. They hide their treasure chests outside by the light of the moon the night before St Patrick's day. The leprechauns find them during the night and hide them... but they leave a trail of green clovers so the boys can find their treasures. (if you look really close, you will see a green clover on the ground)
They found their treasure boxes in grandma's room filled with candy... and they each got a new book too!
We had green waffles with green syrup for breakfast!

And, of course, I have to have a picture of them in their st. patty's day shirts!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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Miss Jessie said...

St. Patrick's Day is one of my most favorite holidays. Mom used to make us green pancakes with green milk for breakfast when we were little, if I had time I would make them for myself. Instead I were a lot of green including my St. Patrick Day earrings that are clovers. Your little leprechauns are so cute!