Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vegas baby!

For part of our spring break we decided to take a little trip to Vegas! We haven't been there in years... and the kids have never been.
Our first stop was Circus Circus. We spent all afternoon at the adventuredome! The kids loved the rides, the 4D movies and Brenner even went on his first "real" roller coaster... he went on all the big rides! After the adventuredome we headed over to the MGM to eat dinner at the Rainforest cafe... I love their chimichachas! That night we went to see some of the "shows" on the Strip. We saw the pirate show at Treasure Island (ummm.... a little more risque than I remembered) and we saw some of the other shows from the car. We stayed at Circus Circus that night.

The next day went to see some of the sights of Vegas.
Brenner is really into Egyptian stuff right now, so we took him over to see the Luxor hotel.... and get his picture taken in front of the Sphinx.
Logan and Sydney were stopping through town on their way back from Disneyland for Logan to take a test from work. So, we picked Sydney up and dragged her around with us.

We went to the M&M store and got some funky colored M&M's.
And the kids were loving all the weirdos that dress up like characters to get tips!
A trip to Vegas wouldn't be complete without some Dice suckers!!!
We had a good time and amazingly enough the kids were pretty well-behaved!


Christina said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Vegas can have its moments of craziness. We should have crashed your party at the Rainforest Cafe. Macaroni Grill was a huge bust. I have never seen a dice sucker. Where did you get them?

Cami said...

Crazy fun!
Cute pictures too.

Berty Bell said...

Looks like you had fun. I have been hearing that the treasure island show was getting a little um, sexy. Thanks for answering my phone call why you were down there. Those spray paint tips helped me out a lot!