Friday, March 18, 2011

Hiking and Geocaching

We have been really into hiking lately... we've just been enjoying being outside and loving spring. So, we decided to hike to some petroglyphs just outside of Ivins.
The kids have also been into Geocaching with Ryan. Geocaching is kind of a treasure hunt.... it uses GPS coordinates to locate a "treasure" that someone has planted. There were a couple of geocaches along the trail, so we went searching for those along the hike.

This one was in an ammo can hidden down in some rocks.
They find a treasure inside and then they leave something for someone else. (it's kind of a way of trading McDonald's toys;)

The kids always love climbing around in the rocks and this was the perfect hike for that.
This crazy kid just makes me laugh:)
There were a lot of petroglyphs all along the cliffs.
It was really a fun, easy hike! And we had a nice cloudy day too!


Lucashell said...

Fun hikes I love hiking...

Berty Bell said...

Geocaching...I've been wanting to get into this. That's so cool!!! My mom was telling me that you all were going hiking everyday for spring break (except for Vegas). What a great family activity!

Cami said...

This sounds like a lot of fun.
What a gorgeous hike!