Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hiking the Red Mountain

The boys have been wanting to hike the Red Mountain ever since we moved to St. George. We've been putting it off because, well... we thought it would be kind of hard.
On Saturday, Logan and Sydney invited us to go along with them, so we took off up the mountain. We didn't quite realize that it would be straight up the face of the mountain. At first, the boys were troopers.
But about half way up, it starts getting a little crazy. We were literally passing our children up cliffs. Ryan and I were thinking we were kinda stupid. So, about 3/4 up, we decided we needed to take the kids back down... especially Terek who we were having to carry up. Neither one of us could take Terek down by ourselves... because you have to have two people to pass a child down a cliff. So, we decided to head down. Brenner refused to go with us, so we let him go to the top with Logan and Sydney. Joren didn't want to go back down, but he wanted to stay with Mommy, so he got to go back down. (the arrow shows where we turned around and headed back down).
It was a bit scary going down, but we made it. Brenner was a trooper and made it all the way up. Thanks Logan and Sydney for taking him.
Red Mountain, we'll see the top of you when Terek's 7!


Miss Jessie said...

I'm so sad that you guys went without me! I really wanted to climb it again. I can't believe you took Terek, that's crazy. I'll have to take you guys on one of the easier hikes that is at the bottom of the mountain that has lots of rocks to climb.

Cami said...

Wow! What a trek!

It does get scary when you have all these little bodies to take care of.