Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thinking of Others

Cami and I were talking the other day about how our kids expect us to be thinking about them and doing things for them all the time and they rarely think about anyone but themselves.

Well, this is true MOST of the time, but I wanted to tell about some of the sweet things this boy has done.

  • Yesterday I was really tired and sat down in the recliner of my couch with baby Terek asleep in my arms.  Brenner covered us up with a blanket and brought me my water mug in case I got thirsty.
  • He has gotten up in the morning and poured us all bowls of cereal with milk.
  • He has made his bed, Joren's bed and my bed without being asked.
These are just a few that I can think of.  He really can be a sweet boy!!!


Jessie said...

That's precious. You're lucky to have such a cute, sweet little boy.

Ashlee said...

Good boy Brenner!