Monday, June 8, 2009

13 things I love about Ryan

In honor of our 13th anniversary, I thought I'd put 13 things I love about Ryan... 
  • He's tall, dark and handsome
  • He is always thinking about me before himself
  • He makes me laugh (although usually I'm rolling my eyes at his sarcastic sense of humor)
  • He's a do-it-yourself-er... he can fix anything
  • He's smart
  • He makes me feel safe and protected
  • He's always warm... that comes in handy in the winter
  • He's a hard worker
  • He puts up with a nagging wife and doesn't complain
  • He's kind and giving to everyone
  • He's a great dad and his kids love him!
  • He's fun to be around
  • He has taught me patience (at least he has tried to)

Thanks for being such a great husband, Ryan.  It's been the best 13 years of my life!!!  I love you!

Our anniversary present to each other was 3 sick kids....
Brenner puked every 30 minutes last night.
Joren has pink eye (or something like that)
Terek has had a cold forever and I think his pink eye is back.

Thanks for the offer to baby sit so we could go out tonight, Lucas and Shellie, but I don't think you're going to want to be around our kids!


Ron and Debbie said...

We think Ryan's great also. I tell everyone that I have the best son in law that anyone could possibly have.

Lucashell said...

You guys are a cute couple. It is fun to see you boss Ryan around and he does whatever you say -j/k:) Your brother informed me the day we got married "I DIDN"T GET MARRIED FOR SOMEONE TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO". When Ryan heard that he said to me "that boy needs a wake-up call"! So dang funny!

Liberty Williams said...

Anisa you did well!!! But Ryan is LUCKY to have you as well!

Ashlee said...

Wow! Happy Anniversary! Ryan is a great husband and a great father. And you are an equally great wife and mother. That's why you are so good together. You are equally wonderful and perfectly complimentary!

Jessie said...

Oh! I'm so jealous. I can't believe you have been married for 13 years! I remember being your flower girl.