Sunday, June 14, 2009

The prodigal hamster has returned

As many of you may know, we lost Tagg last Wednesday night.  Brenner was "cooking" him in his pretend kitchen and left him there.  We tried to find and catch him before we went to st. george with no luck.  We got home tonight and when Ryan took the much appreciated meat from our parents downstairs to the freezer in the basement, he saw Tagg scurry across the floor.  We were able to quickly catch him and return him to his cage!!!:)

The little guy must have been quite hungry and thirsty because he drank tons from his water and the last time we checked on him he had his cheeks quite full of food... seriously they were huge!!!

We hope he can get used to us again after being wild for so long!!!


Chet & Carma Kids said...
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Lucashell said...

He is so dang cute, I really wish I could hold him!

rubberbandgirl said...

I'm glad you got him back.