Monday, June 15, 2009

Another reason to love Target

Reasons I love Target...

  • $1 section
  • Cute home decor
  • Cute clothes for adults and kids
  • good, cheap Target brand stuff... like TP, medicines, snacks, etc.
  • the popcorn/slushie combo
  • the kids love to go there
and another GREAT reason to love Target is their pharmacy.

Have you ever gotten a liquid prescription filled there?  well, they  have great bottles.  they have a small hole in the top... just the size of the syringe.  all you do is stick the syringe in, turn the bottle upside down, fill the syringe, turn it right side up and pull it out.  so easy and mess free and you can get the last tiny bit out of the bottom with ease.  they also color code everything so you don't get your kids stuff mixed up.  brenner is blue, joren is green, terek is red, i am orange... it's fabulous.

leave a comment and tell me why you love Target... or answer my poll at the right if you don't love Target.


rubberbandgirl said...

I love the end-of-aisle discounts. Never pay full price for chocolate, make-up, or hair do-dads again!

Chet & Carma Kids said...
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Lucashell said...

Well I will be going to target!

Liberty Williams said...

Oh MY GOSH I love Target! As I always say...I wish I had money to shop there. Although one of my favorite pass-times is to just walk around the store - I'm so lame!

Jessie said...

I love shopping at Target. I have gotten many cute clothes there and have been shopping there a lot for stuff for when I move out. I like Wal-mart because you can get a lot of stuff for really reasonable. I think out of the two Target is my favorite.

Jessie said...

Target also has a pretty good selection of books.