Friday, April 10, 2009

Daybreak just go a little bit better

If you remember last year I did this post about why I like living in Daybreak! Well, Daybreak just got a little bit better.

They just opened up this really fun park by the lake. Lots and lots of climbing for my little monkeys.
Baby swings.... (or big kid swings)
It's right by the lake. Joren really wanted to throw rocks in the water but there were a lot of flies by the water... gotta get some bug spray.
Lots and lots of sand. It felt so nice to take our shoes off and run around in the sand.
There are also two 1/2 basketball courts... one with a lowered hoop for kids. Gotta bring our basketball. It's close enough to walk but a really quick bike ride. We were at the park for over two hours yesterday afternoon!

If you want to join me this afternoon, I'll be here or at the zipline park in north shore.


Lucashell said...

Holy Crap! How Cool!

rubberbandgirl said...

Cool stuff!

Ron and Debbie said...

I can just imagine that you, and three monkeys will be spending lots of time there.

Jessie said...

When we come up this weekend we definitely need to go to both of those parks. They sound and look so awesome!

Ashlee said...

Oh, you're so spoiled! How fun! Have a great Easter!