Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Let the soccer season begin!!!  This spring Joren and Brenner get to be on the same team!  They are the Blue Dinos (Brenner and Joren picked that name and the rest of their team voted for it)

We had our first game on Saturday.  It was super cold so the boys weren't too excited to play.  I took them to the truck and blasted the heat and warmed them up.  Brenner got out there and did pretty good (considering he was mostly running with his hands in his pockets).  We never got Joren on the field.  Hopefully next week will be warmer.
So if you want to find us on a Saturday morning, head to the Rose Crest park in Herriman (after I get back from garage-saleing, that is!)


Christina said...

I have to say that soccer is my favorite sport that Tayden has played so far. I hope the weather warms up and the boys really have fun!!
That is great that they got to be on the same team. This fall both my boys will be playing but they will be on different teams. That means 2 games each Saturday. Oh, Well.

Ashlee said...

Wow, how cute! Isn't that so fun? That's great that they get to be on the same team! Go Blue Dinos!!

rubberbandgirl said...

Oh fun! I can't wait til fall!