Sunday, March 1, 2009

So Big!!!

I was just thinking today about how BIG my kids are getting.  It seems like we are going through some major Milestones in their lives right now.

Terek is really getting pretty good at sitting up.  He still falls over when he gets distracted.  He loves to be in the swing and holds on for dear life (he has to... Joren is his brother.)  Oh, and the one that I wanted to post about the most is that his first tooth popped through.  That explains his crankiness.  
Joren is a big boy and has been pretty good about going in the potty.  (I'm not holding my breath because he's been potty trained before and it didn't last)
Brenner is reading like crazy.  I can't believe how well he can read.  He picks up on things and memorizes really well.  He just has to see a word once and he remembers what it is!


Lucashell said...

Brenner is so smart, We where just talking about how amazing it was that he can read alread. Kindergarten might be boring for him!

rubberbandgirl said...

That swing picture is ADORABLE!
I love the big book shot as well.

Jessie said...

I'm starting to feel old, and I'm not married and I'm just barely getting ready to live on my own. Wow life moves quickly!