Sunday, March 22, 2009

Famous (in the world of Engineers)

Ryan and Lucas (my brother) are famous.  They are going to be on the cover of CE News... an engineering magazine.  

As famous as you can get when Ryan has a large pole going through the middle of his face and you can only see the back of Lucas' head.  Anyway, still kind of exciting.  There should be more pics on the inside.  I think you can go to their website and sign up for a free magazine.  They will be in the April edition.


Liberty Williams said...

Hey that is pretty cool! Everyone likes having their 15 minutes of fame. Mine was on Price is Right, only ten years ago??? Cool, cool!

Logan and Sydney said...

What's with the gray cover-alls? Are they flame retardant or something? And are those Oakleys approved safety glasses? Any way sweet front page next time maybe you'll get a piece in Cosmo, then Shellie will really take an interest in you're work. - Logan

Lucashell said...

Here is the best part - I asked Lucas why nate looked so diffrent and he said "cause it aint nate, its ryan"! So dumb!!! Lucas looks cute on the magazine I hope the inside pics show the faces!