Sunday, September 21, 2008


We went on Thursday last week to get the boys pics taken!!! I think I have the cutest boys ever made!!! Brenner is so big and so handsome. He's my little model that would pose for the pics, but we couldn't get a natural smile out of him.
Joren is full of life and full of spunk. He was just happy to be there and kept cheesing it with a real smile the whole time.
Terek wasn't sure about the whole thing, but he's just cute and sweet all the time.
And here's the child porn pic for Ryan... he hates these. What is wrong with him?


Ron and Debbie said...

What cute boys they are.

Lucashell said...

Just remember I have a cute puffy vest you can borrow for Family Photos in the canyon, if you can't find one you like. It is Brown..

Laura Alvord said...

How cute are they? Dave doesn't like naked baby pictures either. Weird!