Sunday, September 21, 2008

It finally fell off!!!

We were having issues with Terek's umbilical cord. It just didn't want to fall off and it was kind of goopy. We finally had to do the old fashioned thing of swabbing it with rubbing alcohol. Well, the day he turned 4 weeks old, it was hanging by a thread, so Ryan pulled it off. It still freaks me out a little because it can get goopy, but it's supposedly okay. The point of my story is that Terek can finally bathe in the tub! He didn't like it so much, but Ryan said it was because I had the water too cold (probably true). We'll have to get him used to it. Joren wanted to get in the tub with him... he didn't care if there was only 2 inches of water. So, our tub dilemma is solved, Joren will bathe with Terek (and we will keep him from drowning).


Christina said...

WOW that cord was haning on for dear life. He is such a cute baby and I am glad that you guys are enjoying all the baby steps. Jarek never took a bath without Tayden when he was a baby. From bath #1 Tayden wouldn't let Jarek have fun without him!

Lucashell said...

I love using that type of bath sponge with Legacy.