Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who teaches them this stuff?

This morning Brenner says to me, "Mom, guess what Joren can do? He can sing his ABC's." Who knew. Joren can sing his ABC's. He sang them for me (along with Brenner). It was so darling. He did pretty good too. Then, when I was putting him down for his nap, he picked his farm Baby Einstein movie and started to sing Old McDonald had a farm to me, then sang the ABC song again. Sure, we sing these songs on occasion, but not that often. He must learn them in nursery or something.

My kids surprise me with things every day!


rubberbandgirl said...

Ah, they take after me!
*wink wink*

Ron & Debbie said...

Tey say that example is the best teacher and I already knew how smart Joren is!!

Liberty Williams said...

That's awesome!!! Keep up the good work!