Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hair Cuts

I finally took my kids to get a real hair cut. They have this great place called Cookie Cutters where they can ride in a car or airplane and watch a movie or play a game while they get their hair cut. They were both so good to sit really still. I got both of their hair cut so that it's spikey on top. Joren looks really cute with his hair spikey, but I have had to not spike Brenner's. His head is a little too long, so it looks kind of funny. Brenner likes to have his hair lay down and have the front spike up. He looks sooo cute. They both look really cute with their hair cut. Now we'll see if I'll actually do it every day.


Ron & Debbie said...

Can't wait to see the spikey hair, but Joren doesn't look too happy in the pic.

Lucashell said...

I love the way both the hair cuts. They look so cute.

Liberty Williams said...

That sounds SOOOO cute!!! Now you need to post a picture of them with their fancy new do's!