Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So Big, So Brave

Brenner has been to the dentist before, but the past times he has gone, he would barely even let the dentist look in his mouth. This time, he let them try to do the x-rays several times, but gagged too much every time. He let them clean his teeth, he let the dentist check his teeth and he let them do the fluoride. What a brave, big boy I have!!!

(I have 2 cameras. My big nice huge one that is too big to take anywhere and my small one that fits in my purse. I usually take all my pictures on my small one. I lost the memory card reader in the move, but now I have found it. So, I will do a few old posts of things to catch you all up.)


Ron & Debbie said...

Brenner, good job!! I hate going to the dentist more than I hate going to the doctor!!

Liberty Williams said...

I'm 27 and even I still gag everytime I go to the Dentist and have X-rays. Every time!