Saturday, March 15, 2008

Smartie Brenner

I like to call him Smartie Pants, but when I do, he says, "I'm not Smartie Pants, I'm Smartie Brenner."

So, Mr. Smartie Brenner surprises me all the time. He was really wanting to do a craft tonight. So, I let him color some of his stencils. He brought it in the office to show to Ryan and said, "Look, Dad, I made this for you. See, it says Dad on it." That smart little boy wrote out "Dad" all by himself. He just amazes me all the time!!!


rubberbandgirl said...

I'm going to start calling him Mr. Smarty-Pants. Then he'll brightly correct me like he did the other day instead of scowling at me like he does all the other days.

Ron & Debbie said...

He is so smart. Let's hope he doesn't decide to write on furniture and walls like his mother did in permanent markers with the tail on the 'a' longer than her name!!

Jessica said...

That is pretty amazing, as my almost kindergartener can barely write her own name!