Thursday, July 14, 2011

Visiting Friends

Last week, the boys and I headed to Salt Lake. Our main purpose was to visit friends. Our friends, the Headricks, live in Denver. They were in Salt Lake visiting family. So, we first headed to see them. Brenner was excited to see Dylan. Dylan was Brenner's 1st best friend. They started playing together before they could even walk. They lived across the street from us in our house in Oquirrh Park in South Jordan. The Headrick family had 3 boys about the same ages as my boys. This is Joren and Jack.
After moving to Denver, the Headricks had a baby girl... Hollyn. She was cute and smiley and just adorable. It was so good to see Rachel and her kids again. We have definitely missed living across the street from them.
Our next stop was Daybreak. Brenner and Joren really wanted to see Sam and George and Lily. They took their bikes so they could ride around the neighborhood with their friends. George and Lily had a baby brother (Hank) that we got to see as well. We missed Brynlee and Parker, but hopefully we can catch them next time.
Next stop was the Stringhams. The kids had fun playing with Dane, Ella, and Bryce. I had fun scrapbooking with Cami... until Joren's mouth started bleeding and I ended up in the emergency room. (That would be why I have no picture). I totally would love to plan another trip to stay at Cami's and scrapbook way into the night... we'll have to figure out a good time:) Thanks Cami for helping out the the kids and for letting us stay.... you really are the best!!!


Cami said...

So lame we got no pictures, but you know it's all good. :)
I'm just so glad Joren is doing better.
We've been rejoicing in happy vegetable land, so thanks right back to you!

Becky Sorensen said...

So sad we missed you guys! We were camping. Hopefully one of these times we will actually be here when you guys come up. We miss you! The neighborhood just hasn't been the same since you left. How's St.George? You make me want to move there with all your pictures that you post. Looks like there is tons to do.