Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crawdad Huntin'

In an effort to try to keep these kids busy, we thought we'd go crawdad huntin'. When Shellie was down a couple of weeks ago, we took the kids down to the river. We discovered that there wasn't really a sandy beach or anything to play on, but there were people there catching crawdads. Since we weren't prepared that time, we decided to go back.The crawdads are in some rocks under the bridge.
They aren't too big and I'm too chicken to pick them up with my hands... I liked to use a cup.
We took them home and cooked them for a bedtime snack. Joren wasn't scared of them anymore once they were dead.
I'm not sure if Joren really ate one, but Brenner loves seafood, so he ate a few of them.
Joren has been begging to go back, so I'm sure we will head that way again soon.


Cami said...

What a...special experience!;>
I wouldn't have picked them up either.
Were they really sandy? Wait, you don't like sea food. Did you eat any?

Lucashell said...

That was so fun hiking up and down that hill... Wonder if you found a place that was easier to get up and down...