Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HIstoric St. George LIve

Last summer, the kids and I went on a few tours. We toured the Jacob Hamblin Home and the Tabernacle. The kids (mostly Brenner) really liked it and wanted to go on a few more tours. Well, we had heard about St. George Live historic tour and thought it would be fun. You get to visit a lot of the historic sites in St. George... all in one tour. And you get to ride on a shuttle bus. So, we got Sydney to go with us and headed off.The kids' favorite part was the bus.
(I have to admit, I would not do this again... until they are much older. They did not really take us on tours of the buildings. Mostly we sat in a room and listened to an actor dressed like a particular pioneer talk and tell their story. It was almost as bad as fighting the kids through sacrament meeting).
By the time we got to the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum, we gave up. They took us to the basement and got us settled in to listen to another person talk. They weren't even going to let us go into the museum at all.... huh? The kids couldn't handle any more. So, we bailed on the tour and went into the museum. We saw many pictures of our ancestors in the museum.
And the boys got to sit on chairs made by their great, great, great, grandpa Benjamin Frederick Blake. The museum was really cool and they had fun looking at the stuff in there. We had missed our bus, so we had to walk a couple of blocks back to our van... oh well.

So, it looks like I still need to take the boys on a tour of the Brigham Young Home and a few other historic places in St. George.


Logan and Sydney said...

I'm so glad we found those chairs. SO COOL:)

Cami said...

The chairs are the COOLEST!

I love doing stuff like this.

I could seriously live in a museum.

Berty Bell said...

Your kids crack me up...especially Joren. that picture of him on the chair looks like he is bored out of his mind. Sounds like a fun little activity minus the keeping them quiet during the tour. ;)