Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pioneer Day

(I seriously need to get caught up on my blogging)

For Pioneer Day, the city of Ivins had a parade. Our ward had a float and the kids were supposed to dress up like pioneers. Isn't Terek cute? There was no way he was getting on the float.Brenner was asked to be on the stake float. So, he got to be on there with his friends, Treyson.
He dressed up like Tom Sawyer. He had on overalls rolled up.. he was so cute (why didn't I get a close up pic?)
In the evening we had a going away party for Josh, Melanie, and Tanner. They moved to Oregon. We are excited for them, but we will totally miss them.

Good luck and have the time of your life!!!

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Berty Bell said...

You're getting as bad as me with blogging. I wish you would've got a closeup of Terek in his overalls. Oh well. Love the picture of Josh & Melanie and kids. :)