Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This boy needs a dog

Joren loves animals. When we were in St. George last weekend he had so much fun playing with Tiger.
I have been saying that when he turns 5 I will get him a dog. 10 more months to get geared up.
Any help or suggestions on the perfect type of dog would be great!!!


Liberty Williams said...

From my growing up days...get only a dog that is an outside dog. You don't want your house to stink!!! Animals are intended to live outside.

Cami said...

Outside, please.
I always think that the bigger the dog the more mellow.
Labs are great, but with your smaller yard you probably need something a bit smaller.
There are a lot of fun interactive sites that can help you find the perfect dog together.
I fear for a puppy with your boys *wink* You should get a dog from the Humane Society.

Shellie said...

I had a german/lab - He was really mellow.. But AMEN to all the outside comments.. Nothing is worse than wet dog smell in the house... Just use your 3rd car garage as its home and get a doggie door to the backyard. This should be fun to see the many posts of the poop, the digging under the fence the say good bye to your beautiful flowers..

Jessie said...

Get a corgi like rusty, he's cute and small. I agree with Libby outside dogs are the best way to go.