Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun with Grandma Rose

Brenner has been off track for over 3 weeks now... we're going a little crazy. So we asked Grandma Rose if she'd come and stay with us for a few days to entertain us.
On Monday we went to the aquarium to check out the new penguin exhibit. The penguins were super active and totally fun to watch. (sorry about the crappy cell phone camera pic, but the battery was dead on my camera). The fun part was that the sting rays were coming way up out of the water so you could easily touch them. Brenner and Joren don't usually want anything to do with the sting rays, but we couldn't drag them away from them this time.

Tuesday we played with friends in the morning and Grandma baby sat Brenner and Terek while I went to Joren's preschool party. After the party we headed to Ikea... Grandma Rose had never been there! Over $100 later, we finally left just in time to get home for dinner.

Today we headed up to the Gateway to Discovery Gateway.... as always fun.

It was so nice to have grandma stay with us for a few days!!!

Now we need Grandma Blake to come up and stay with us again.... we love having visitors!

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Lucashell said...

Looks like a way fun time...