Monday, March 1, 2010

Their latest craziness

So, my boys have decided that they need to take their mattresses off their beds and make a slide down our stairs... it's super fun to slide down.

They like to involve all of their friends in their adventures.
I guess when it's too cold to go outside and use the actual slide, you have to improvise:)
I'm getting kind of tired of having to remake their beds. Fortunately for me, they prefer to sleep on their mattresses in the family room, so no need to make their beds. I just get to live in a messy house all the time... Oh the joys of boys!


Jessie said...

Your boys are so cute, and so crazy. But there boys, I remember trying to slide down our stairs in a sleeping bad, and they weren't carpeted, so I think your boys have the right idea.

Liberty Williams said...

I was there and witnessed it. Now, did you say you have even slid down on the mattresses?