Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tatoo artists!

So, the other day Joren decided to color Terek's face (and this is after I washed it off).
Then for some reason a couple of days later, Lucas thought he would teach Joren it was okay to color on people's faces by giving Terek a mustache and earrings.

So this is what Joren did to his own face... mind you, he wasn't even looking in a mirror.

We've got a tattoo artist in the making:)


Cami said...

You talk like this is a good thing?

Lucashell said...

Terek was already drawing on his face. They are suppose to be washable markers.

Liberty Williams said...

I agree with Cami! And, Terek is getting so grown's been forever since I've seen your kids - geesh!!!!