Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

It's crazy how the Holidays have come and gone. We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and we looking to a wonderful 2010!!!

Here's the kids checking out their loot!!!
Santa brought them what they asked for and more:)

Terek stole all of the sucker/toys out of everyone's stockings.
It's always fun to spend the holidays with family. It was fun to have Grandma and Grandpa Blake stay with us... and it's always fun to have Lucas, Shellie and Legacy over. Nothing like a fun shirtless game of keep-away! (the boys get too sweaty and have to take their shirts off... it's kind of funny.)
Legacy got a hair kit for Christmas and the boys had countless hours of fun doing my hair!
We hope everyone has a happy new year! We had a fun-filled evening with Terek almost choking on a carrot (not to mention the fact that Joren had done the same thing on a hard candy only two days before. Shellie and I would like to take a CPR class if anyone knows of a good one.)
We played lots of Wii, ate lots of good appetizers and wore fun party hats!
Lucas had lots of fun lighting off his illegal fireworks!!!
Joren did not enjoy Lucas' fireworks!!!
This weekend we get to try to catch up on a few projects... so it's time to get busy!!!


Lucashell said...

Goodnight that is a horrible photo of me... That is so funny about the firework babies... I am just so happy Big-T and Joren are ok this week lets pray that you have Choke free week this coming week...

Liberty Williams said...

That's so scary about the choking. I just got CPR certified this summer and have been hoping I don't have to put it to use. You should get certified asap.
Glad you finally posted - you were pulling a me! Looks like Christmas and New years were a blast for you all.

Logan and Sydney said...

I love Brenner in the running naked picture:)

Anisa said...

He's a little nerdy, I know:)

josh and stef said...

I remember you guys and your fireworks on New Years!