Sunday, January 3, 2010

Joren turns 4

Four years ago this crazy little boy came into our lives!!! Joren is quite the character. He is my sweet little cuddler, but full of mischief at the same time! My favorite thing about him is his eyes.... they have saved him many times!!! He loves to play with Bakugans, Ben 10 and the Wii. He does not like being outside in the cold. He loves to hit, sword fight and shoot with guns. He loves to play with his big brother, Brenner and he follows him around everywhere. And he loves to carry his baby brother, Terek around and try to boss him around. He is loving preschool right now and is learning so quickly. We love you so much Joren!!!

age 1
age 2
age 3
age 4. He got to have a super cool Bakugan cake made by my friend, Jacinda. (Check out her awesome cakes at
Joren got to go on a date with mommy yesterday to get an early surprise birthday present. He got a blue beta fish that he named "Fishy." He also got Ben 10 stuff and bakugans. The best part was that mommy wrapped some of his presents in random boxes like irons and panini grills and such. You should have seen the look on his face when that's what he thought he was getting. Happy birthday Big J!!!


Lucashell said...

He may be wild but oh man is cute... I totally love Joren..

Logan and Sydney said...

The I got a small appliance face is awesome, it says you're stupid mom. - Logan

Ashlee said...

Awwww! Happy Birthday Joren!

Liberty Williams said...

He's growing up way to fast. I just love Joren, he's my favorite!!!