Sunday, September 27, 2009


Saturday we headed down to Thanksgiving Point to Cornbelly's. We love cornbelly's. We're making it an annual tradition for us.

We dragged Grandma all over with us. How fun to have a pic with most of her grandkids.
The cow ride behind the tractor is one of our favorites. I'm thinking grandpa blake needs to make us some fun cow cars.
What's up with Terek's tongue?
The kids can't pass up face painting. Joren didn't want to wash his off to go to church today.
Brenner was a sweetheart and got up and washed his off himself so he could get ready for church.
Our cute little spidergirl! You can tell she hangs out with her big boy cousins a lot! She is going to be spidergirl for Halloween! She loves spiderman stuff!


Lucashell said...

We had so much fun, I love that we couldn't talk Legz into getting something girlie on her face. I am glade they did a girl version of a spierweb! She is totally funny, I think my favorite part was watching her on that slide!

Jessie said...

That looked like a blast! I wish that we had more stuff like that here in Southern Utah. It's so boring here.

Liberty Williams said...

Looks like a blast, and a great tradition. Glad your mom could get out, she's looking healthy and happy!