Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let the Off-Track Fun begin

So Brenner is off track for the whole month of September. Not only do I want to take them to do fun things because I can (without kindergarten interrupting the day) but because we get a little stir crazy.

Last Friday I went to Scrapbook USA and Ryan baby-sat (apparently anyone that is not me is baby-sitting according to Brenner and Joren). He took them to the Museum of Natural History at the U. Can you believe that he actually took the camera with him and took pictures? What an awesome dad!

They had a frog exhibit that was ending this weekend so they thought it would be a good idea to check it out before it was gone.
Yesterday we headed over to the Living Planet Aquarium. My kids love this place and we haven't been there in almost a year.
Terek was absolutely fascinated with this place. He loved watching all of the fish and other sea animals. The kids loved the new South America exhibit.
Look how cute they are when it's their idea to have their pictures taken.

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Lucashell said...

Legacy was looking at your blog with me and Screamed "TARGET SO CUTE"!