Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bath Time

We have run out of tubs! As many of you may know, our boys fight! Well, we haven't bathed them in the same tub for awhile because they fight way too much in the tub! So, they take turns in their tub or mommy's tub. Last night Joren was in Mommy's tub. Brenner was in his own tub and Terek got his spong bath on the counter in my bathroom. We're okay for a couple of weeks until that umbilical cord falls off. But when it's Terek's turn for a bath, I sure hope we don't have to have one of the kids in the tub in the basement.I know you've been waiting for a super cute pic of this baby. Usually he doesn't have his eyes open, but this was after his bath.
Brenner wanted a picture taken of himself in the tub as well. Ryan said Joren was too naked to get his picture taken (I'm not sure what that means).


Laura Alvord said...

Terek is such a handsome little guy. Congratulations!

rbberbandgirl said...

Too naked? In a tub?! How dare he!
Such a cute little baby!!!!!!!!!!!

theheadricks said...

Cute , Cute Pictures!!